Premium Wood Mod for Minecraft

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Premium Wood Mod

Talk about the very first and very important item in Minecraft. The “Wood”, it is a real statement. Because if your not using single player commands or too many items. Something like that. Wood is the first item you will need in Minecraft. No wood = no crafting table = no pick axe = no ores = no life! You can build only dirt houses like that 😀 So to sum all of that up, wood in minecraft is the most precious resource in the game. But no Minecraft has only 3 types of wood right? Which can make only 1 type of planks. Quite sad?

Premium Wood Mod

Well, not now, because now you are in front of the most precious item mod! The Premium Wood Mod! Oremuim wood also adds new golden apple trees and apple trees, which are awesome to harvest. You may think it is only colors that change. But your wrong 😀 Because every wood in Premuim wood mod can be crafted as swords! And the stats aren’t the same as the same old one. Here if you want to see what can this mod do more 😛 Thanks for scokeev9 for this awesome mod! 😀

Premium Wood Mod Features

  • Maple tree = orangish + blacky 😀
  • Sliver bell tree = white green tree color.
  • Magic trees = watch out when planting! 2/3 They can explode in your face. Leaves are green but the wood is black.
  • Purple heart trees = Well, its purple 😀 Planks change color over time.
  • Wood bordered glass = put a glass in the middle of a crafting table, then surround it with the plank of your choice.
  • Apple trees = as explained before.
  • Tigerwood = nice tiger style
  • Willow trees = greenish style.

Let’s get it downloaded on your Minecraft!

How to Download and Install Premium Wood Mod for Minecraft

  1. Always back-up your minecraft files inside run/%appdata%/.minecraft
  2. Download and install the ModLoader, Scot Tools API, always test modloader after you downloaded it.
  3. Download Premuim woods mod.
  4. Add the files inside ” Add to minecraft.jar” into minecraft.jar
  5. Its inside run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin
  6. Open minecraft.jar by using winrar.

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a fun time playing! 😀

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