Real Life Seasons Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 and 1.5

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Real Life Seasons Mod

Mods are usually developed to serve singular purposes. These purpose are based on ideas in which the mod developers or developer came up with before the initial designing of the mod itself. However, often mod ideas or themes are harder to come up with when other mod developers beat you to it. However, occasionally a newer mod will arise from out the rest, becoming increasingly more popular as the day goes by. The mod will usually have a significantly unique idea, alongside having its features implemented by an experienced modder  When mods are developed by an experienced person; the mod will generally turn out to be brilliant and continue to improve as the developer updates it. The Real Life Seasons mod for minecraft 1.5 is an extraordinary mod, with amazing features. The features are not what makes the mod entirely unique and brilliant, its also the way they are implemented. In saying this, the mod developer has taken mod features to a whole new level; and has done it very, very well.

Real Life Seasons Mod Real Life Seasons Mod

The Real Life Seasons mod introduced a series of features, all relatively the same to each other. However, the features in which are based around the mod theme, have been built to sustain that same idea; and stay true to its original base. Instead of implementing seasons into the game of minecraft, just by having one singular biome, that constantly changes; this mod implements the seasons; via by your own country. The mod, once installed; will check your calender, to whatever date on your computer. By checking the months, and analyzing the seasons in your current country; it will change a specially designed texture pack on your game; in your single-player world to either; Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. The texture pack in which switch your single player one will change almost every single natural block and entity available in the game. This way, seasons will change as they change in your country, instead of having to search for different seasoned biomes.

Real Life Seasons Mod

Adjusting your season in game is actually quite easy. Simply change the month on your computers calender; this will adjust the time in your world as well, and soon enough; your texture pack and season will change to the current season, of your country. Just be sure, when using this mod; you understand that that this mod will, change your texture pack and also the state of the world in which you live in. For example, during winter; your world will be covered in snow; and the world will stay that way until your season changes. Be sure to not entirely mess your calender up when adjusting your season.

How to install the Real Life Seasons mod for minecraft 1.5

  1. Download and install Modloader for minecraft 1.5
  2. Download the Real Life Seasons mod for minecraft 1.5
  3. Open the downloaded mod folder. Using winrar or 7zip
  4. extract the correct files from the mod, into a folder somewhere onto your computer.
  5. Select the installer.exe and run minecraft.
  6. Finished.


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