Redstone Radio Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1

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Redstone Radio Mod

Yay! New redstone things are out again! And one of them is a mod made by MightyPork . Named the Redstone Radio mod! You may have seen something like this in the forums. But not ” Redstone radio ” because this is done Migthy Pork and has its own style of transmitting and receiving redstone energies. So now you can use redstone without worries! The best part about Redstone Radio Mod is that it has no limit to range! That means you can put a transmitter and a receiver far away from each other! AWESOME. No more worries about a crazy redstone patterns into TNT and letting the TNT you detonate destroy you three hours work on that redstone system. One of the easiest to use mods and very useful inside the game mod. Here the new technology 😀


  • Enables you to transmit redstone energy from one place to another!
  • You can set some channel names by right clicking.
  • All transceiver or receiver works on the same channel if the name is the same.


  • Enables you to receive energy from the transceiver.
  • Right click to change name.
  • Can be placed on TNTs.

Portable transceiver

  • Enables you to transmit energy without putting down transceiver.
  • You can tune into a channel by right clicking on a transceiver or receiver of that channel.
  • Works best on TNTs!

How to Download and Install RedStone Radio Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1

  1. Always back up your minecraft.jar file.
  2. Download and Install ModLoader
  3. Test it and make sure it runs.
  4. Download the RedStone Radio Mod
  5. Drag it into start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>mods folder.
  6. If you don’t have make one.
  7. Play!

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a fun day playing! 😀

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