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Floodgate Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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Floodgate Mod

As we all know, Resugami is one of the best coders of minecraft. He is a guy who is able to make this weird kind of mods which no one might even have the knowledge to make. This mods is a Minecraft 1.6.1 mod that adds up one more available system for minecraft and that is the “flood gate”.

Floodgate Mod

The flood gate technically can be used to open or close a path way for water to flow upon. It can also be used with lava and the same results will be made. The floodgate can be made with a smoothstone around a red stone. Floodgate for Minecraft 1.5.1 needs the switch to operate and of course newbies would probably have problems with it. Pro’s should know how to activate stuff but if not VISIT:

How to Install Floodgate Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

  1. Go to “start”
  2. Select “run”
  3. Type inside the box “%appdata%”
  4. A folder should pop up and select “.minecraft” folder
  5. Select “bin” folder
  6. Open “minecraft.jar” with winrar or 7zip
  7. Copy and paste the mods contents here
  8. You should be able to play now!!!

Credits: Resugami’s, thanks for the great mod and we wish you could make some more!

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