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What is ModLoader ? ModLoader is working like a Mod manager for Minecraft. Risugamis, the Minecraft developer had released his latest version of ModLoader for Minecraft 1.7.2. You will have to install the ModLoader before installing many of the Minecraft Mods.

How to Install ModLoader Beta for Minecraft 1.7.4 in Windows

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Run Minecraft Launcher and select Forge Profile
  3. Go to Start Menu and Run %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Put the Modloader file without extracting it into the mods folder
  5. Launch Minecraft with the Forge Profile

How to Install ModLoader Beta for Minecraft 1.7.4 in Mac

  1. Go to Application and open
  2. Type in the following line by line (after each line press ENTER)
    • cd ~
    • mkdir mctmp
    • cd mctmp
    • jar xf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
  3. Go back outside the terminal, you will see mctmp folder was created (by second line command “mkdir mctmp”).
  4. Copy all the files in there and back to terminal
  5. Type in these commands again line-by-line
    • rm META-INF/MOJANG_C.*
    • jar uf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
    • cd ..
    • rm -rf mctmp
  6. You’re done


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