Simple NPCs Mod for Minecraft

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Simple NPCs Mod

Hello Minecrafters!! Milkman here again showing off to you the Simple NPCs mod. As always the title basically explains the whole purpose of this mod! What this mod does is the NPCs don’t walk around, they don’t build anything, and they don’t generate with the terrain. These NPCs do exactly what you want them to. They use your textures, and they say what you want!
This mod was designed with mapmakers in mind. The mod has two versions-a builder version and a player version. In the player version, NPCs can be spawned, but spawners can’t be crafted. In the builder version, NPC spawners can be crafted. Here’s a pretty picture of the NPCs 🙂

Simple NPCs Mod

This mod is quite useful if you want your own style for NPCs! You can make them do whatever you want 🙂 Here’s a video explaining this mods functions and all its features.

How to install Simple NPCs Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Download this mod 😛
  3. Go to .minecraft / bin
  4. Open Minecraft.jar delete META INF
  5. Drag the Modloader and mod files into .jar
  6. Done!! Have fun playing around with this mod (Im sure that some of you minecrafters will find this mod handy!)
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