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SkinEdit – Minecraft Skin

Are you bored of your downloaded skins? or that it won’t fit your style?or seeing others having the same as yours?Try making your own! By usingthe Minecraft Skinedit program you can make your own skin!(or edit some). SkinEdit is a Minecraft Skin Editor software that will allow you to create you own skin for Minecraft.

SkinEdit Minecraft Skin Editor

How to Install SkinEdit

  1. Press the link and download
  2. Extract or unzip your file somewhere on the computer
  3. when your finished double click “Mcskinedit.jar”(some may be Mcskinedit)
  4. To get 3D preview working, just click ok when SkinEdit prompts you to enter the URL for the previewer. (This is only done the first time you launch SkinEdit)

*If the previewer wont work type into the box* OR

How to use Minecraft Skin Editor:

  • Left mouse – Draw the selected color
  • Right mouse – Erase. Only the hat will support transparent in game
  • Middle mouse – Copy color. Same as CTRL + Right mouse
  • CTRL + Left mouse – Flood fill
  • CTRL + Right mouse – Copy color.
  • ALT + Left mouse * – Dodge tool. Best effect when dragged
  • ALT + Right mouse * – Burn tool. Best effect when dragged
  • ALT + CTRL + Left mouse * – More powerful dodge tool
  • ALT + CTRL + Right mouse * – More powerful burn tool

This is what it kinda looks like 🙂

Enjoy customizing!

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