Soul Cages Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

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Soul Cages Mod

Hello my fellow Minecrafters! Milkman here presenting the Soul Cages Mod 🙂 This mod edits the mob spawner blocks found in dungeons so that they are not destroyed when you harvest them. A cage placed by the player will be empty (no mob visible) since its link to the plane of souls was disrupted when the block was moved. Sounds cool right?? In order to reestablish the link and get the spawner working again the player must craft Soul Gems and deliver the killing blow with one of these gems in order to capture the soul of a mob.

The hover text name of the soulgem will show the name of the mob contained inside. Striking a cage with a charged gem will transfer that soul to the cage, making the cage display the mob inside. To craft a soulgem place a diamond in the center of the 3×3 grid and fill the outside with an alternating pattern of redstone dust and glowstone dust (4 each). Soul gems take on the texture of an Ender Pearl. This mod is for SSP only and edits the mobspawner block, the spawners tileentity, and adds 2 new class files. Here have a pretty picture to go with this 🙂

Here is a little video explaining this mods features 😉

How to Install Soul Cages Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download Modloader
  2. Find “run” in your “start” menu
  3. Then type there “%appdata%”
  4. Find “.minecraft” folder
  5. Open ”bin” folder
  6. Open “minecraft.jar” with winrar or 7zip
  7. Extract modloader and the mod here
  8. Launch the game
  9. PLAY IT UP!!!
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