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Minecraft 1.0.0

Minecraft Major Update (11w49a) — Dec 8, 2011

Now jeb is lead developer over at Mojang he is releasing builds of Minecraft weekly, the builds contain everything that they have been working on this week. They are similar to pre-releases where he puts the .jar up for download. Keep on track of all the updates here at MinecraftDL Just click Like >> There

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News & Updates | 2011-12-09 20:01:27

Animal Transport Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0

This unique mod gives you the ability to catch mobs, hostile and friendly. Just as if you where playing Pokemon! If you want to play with this mod i first recommend installing Too Many Items, as it gives you the ability you test out the features of the mod. This mod gives you the ability

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Minecraft Mods | 2011-12-06 17:17:31

Minecraft Piston Petition

I know Minecraft 1.0.0 is already out but this petition has been going a while now! Its trying to get pistons the ability in Minecraft that they had before they where brought out. The ability showcased in the video below! The video showcases a lot of pistons pushing sand into there air. They are on

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News & Updates | 2011-11-23 01:41:34

Minecraft 1.0.0 Only the Beginning

Now Minecraft has finally been released at MineCon on the 18th / 19th of November 2011 there’s a lot of speculation on the web as to. Minecraft what’s next? Is that the end of the new features? The new mobs items blocks? In my opinion now Minecraft has officially been released it can only get

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News & Updates | 2011-11-19 21:17:17

Height Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0

In the Minecraft 1.8 update notch changed some of the files in the .Minecraft folder, these files have given the ability to change a few more things that they couldn’t before. One of the things that has changed has given modders the ability to change the height limit of your world. So mountains generate higher

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Minecraft Mods | 2011-10-03 13:32:46

Squirrel Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0

Have you ever had a pet squirrel? Or seen one? If you had seen one you should now how cute it is in real life. But now, the TehKrusha Squirrel Mod lets you have a pet squirrel!They act cute as they climb and run around trees acting like They are scared of you. There are

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Minecraft Mods | 2011-06-17 23:41:04
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