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Minecraft 1.7.3

SimpleOres 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2, 1.7.3 and 1.6.4

Whats interesting about this mod? SimpleOres is a small, simple mod that adds FIVE more ores to Minecraft. These ores are Copper, Silver, Mythril, Adamantium and Onyx, and they are all unique. Along with the ores themselves, the mod adds in the respective armor and tool sets, along with three achievements. This mod has update to Simple

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Minecraft Mods | 2015-07-23 12:15:24

Star Wars Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2, 1.7.3 and 1.6.4

If you exist on the internet I think it is safe to say that you have either watched the Star Wars films, are a huge fan and know everything about them and collect the books, the merch and everything or at the very, very least you have heard of the movies.   Have you ever

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Minecraft Mods | 2013-07-15 13:51:33

Single Player Commands for Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.6.4

I’m was busy moving our website last night (whole night). That is why yesterday you may experience some problems while browsing the site. Once again Minecraft had updated to version 1.7.4. Single Player Commands for Minecraft 1.7.4 is the mod that allows you to type in a comamnd in single player mode. You can do

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Minecraft Mods | 2013-06-15 12:05:08

Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.6.4

The Single Player Commands Mod, adds a variety of commands to your single player game in Minecraft, it enhance your steeve capabilities, like flying, unlimited sprinting, and of course god mode. Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft is “very” suited for people who loves to cheat or try things out. If you understand how it

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Minecraft Mods | 2013-06-01 16:31:08

Single Player Commands SPC Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.6.4

Hello, Fellow Minecrafters. You are know standing against one of the most useful and highly effective mods in Minecraft! Usually poeple call these cheats. But I really don’t agree. Because they are a bunch of commands which make you a Minecraft god! You could choose to not use it too, that is why it isn’t

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Minecraft Mods | 2013-05-15 13:45:08

Redstone Radio Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1

Yay! New redstone things are out again! And one of them is a mod made by MightyPork . Named the Redstone Radio mod! You may have seen something like this in the forums. But not ” Redstone radio ” because this is done Migthy Pork and has its own style of transmitting and receiving redstone energies. So

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Minecraft Mods | 2011-09-17 09:23:48

Mod Tools For Minecraft 1.7.3

Aren’t Mods in Minecraft cool? All those aether, better than wolves, buildcraft, and more more awesome mods. All these mods are scattered in various types of mod to fulfill your needs or wants in Minecraft! That’s what mods are for. But sometimes installing it hurts badly right? All those dragging into minecraft.jar, and deleting the

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Minecraft Tools | 2011-08-07 18:34:33

MCMapper Dungeon Generator For Minecraft 1.7.3

Dungeons, Caverns, Spawners. If you are an adventurer in Minecraft, a man who likes to search in caves to find awesome caves, this is a very awesome tool for you! In Minecraft, you may see that people have a hard time finding something called dungeons, which dungeons are a place somewhere in ground where there

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Minecraft Tools | 2011-07-31 13:15:54

Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit) for Minecraft 1.7.3

Are you sick of making your city block by block? Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit) help you create one time trillions of block in one touch. You can create any way you want. Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit) will save your time much more than the same ancient way that you do. Mobdro Also it can move

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Minecraft Tools | 2011-06-06 17:38:37
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