MC Patcher HD Fix for Minecraft 1.7.5, 1.7.2 and 1.8

After you have playing Minecraft for while, you will start to getting bored of its Texture Packs. Then it is time to find some Cool Minecraft Texture Packs. Some of Minecraft’s Texture Packs doesn’t need to use the MCPatcher to install, but what I’m talking about is the High Definition Minecraft Texture Packs (HD Texture […]

How to Convert Your Maps to Creative mode

Do you have your old creative maps that you build all your pixel art on? Are you disappointed when there’s a Minecraft update and the mods aren’t compatible so you can fly around and spawn blocks? Well I have the soloution! Convert your world to a Minecraft creative map! [yframe url=’’] When you update to […]

Strongholds & Silverfish in Minecraft 1.8

Strongholds! Possibly one of the rarest places / things in Minecraft. Currently one per map. Yes one per map! But it has been tweeted and confirmed that, there will be up to 3 strongholds per maps in later versions of Minecraft. When the pictures of the strongholds where first released, they were thought of as […]

Rivers, Lakes and Oceans in Minecraft 1.8

For the Minecraft 1.8 update I believe the terrain generator has been completely revamped or rewritten. Now in Minecraft we can walk around the world and be amazed by the beautiful mountains, and valleys. But now flowing through these beautiful landscapes we can find pretty extensive rivers, leading to lakes or even ocean biomes. The […]

Food, Hunger Bar & Sprinting in Minecraft 1.8

Food has changed a lot since Minecraft 1.7. When I first played 1.8 I was like really food has changed that much! We now have a wide selection of food to choose from. But in this article let’s focus on what’s new after 1.8! Well, food is now stackable; when I first realised that food […]

Creative Mod in Minecraft 1.8

Now Minecraft 1.8 is out creative mode has been re-implemented into the game, something I didn’t see coming before the release of Minecraft 1.8. When you spawn in creative mode, it is just like spawning in survival mode in Minecraft; you spawn in a randomly generated world. But you spawn with no heal, hunger or […]