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How to Run Multiple Versions of Minecraft

There’s so many versions of Minecraft, and so many mods. Sometime I find myself wanting to play minecraft completely vanilla, and then sometimes I find myself wanting to play with the Yogbox installed, or...

Minecraft Tutorials | 0 downloads | 2011-10-26 13:30:58

Minecraft 1.9 – Baby Animals

Another few new mobs have been added to Minecraft 1.9 pre release 3; well sort of. Minecraft now has baby animals in vanilla! You don’t need mobs to get the little cute animals. The...

News & Updates | 0 downloads | 2011-10-06 23:16:32

How to Convert Your Maps to Creative mode

Do you have your old creative maps that you build all your pixel art on? Are you disappointed when there’s a Minecraft update and the mods aren’t compatible so you can fly around and...

Minecraft Tools | 0 downloads | 2011-10-02 12:14:32

Minecraft 1.9 – Breeding

So Minecraft 1.9 pre release 2 is here. Which means non hostile mobs are now limited. If you go around on a killing spree you will soon realise that threes not that many mobs...

News & Updates | 0 downloads | 2011-10-01 00:47:05

Minecraft 1.9 – Endermen Features

In Minecraft 1.8 we all are well aware that ender men where added. Yes them annoying black mobs that pinch blocks and teleport all over! Well they have been tweaked. Notch tweeted before the...

News & Updates | 0 downloads | 2011-10-01 00:43:39

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