Ropes+ Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

This is perhaps the most underrated and most functional mod I’ve ever seen or used. While rope may not seem like a big addition, ┬áthe developer of this mod has come up with great uses for it. Here are the basic instructions: Rope is the basic building block for this mod. Rope Bridge is easier […]

Wild Grass 13.2 Realistic Grass Effect in Minecraft 1.5

The first time I played Minecraft, I was very upset with the environment effect and feel. However, when it this Wild Grass Mod came, it seems to be the solution for me. Wild Grass Mod will creates a tall grass block which will grow and spread to nearby blocks by itself. Now, you can enjoy […]

Baby Animals 1.7 – Fix Wolf Pups Patch

While, I searching for something to post today. I realized that I forgot to post the great mod. Baby Animals, this mod was created by cocoavalley. Baby Animals mod will make your Minecraft world become more realistic. After installed this mod, you will see little and small animals walking everywhere. You allow to feed them […]

Disciple of D\’sparil Skin

Nowadays, in Minecraft if you really observe carefully. People are now downloading mods, skins, and texture packs. The developer of those things are also trying to make cool new things to appreciate them. One of the most popular thing in Minecraft usually is a skin! ,because… when you play multiplayer, have you ever seen a […]

Planetoids v1.75 – A New Minecraft Map Generator

When I looking for a minecraft map generator, I found this wonderful tool. Planetoids, a new map generator developed by Seibal, which will create a random map consists of hundreds of little planets (imaging like you’re in the middle of the space and there are asteroids floating everywhere). Now, you can make your Minecraft world […]