Wipeout Map for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

The¬†Wipeout Map for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9 essentially recreates the Wipeout TV show in the game of Minecraft. For those who arent aware of what this TV show is, allow me to explain. The Wipeout TV show, and this Map is a giant course filled with difficult and amusing obstacles that contestants must pass […]

Dead Prison: Terror Behind Bars Map 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Are you ready for some chills down the back? This is going to be one of the scariest and horrifying map you have ever tried. Prepare yourself with all the available weapons, supplies, and, of course, sharp senses. You are about to be chased bad by some of the most notorious creatures of the fantasy […]

San Andreas The Survival Games Map 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Here we are again, with a wonderful new Survival Games Map for Minecraft. The San Andreas Map for Minecraft, is a Grand Theft Auto, Modern day world themed Map that will and can be used as an extension Map for the Survival Games game mode. The Survival Games, game mode for those who don’t know, […]

Ocean Adventures Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Have you ever dreamed of sailing away and discovering new islands far far away from the humble turf of Minecraftia! Are you an adventurer? Well this mod could be for you! Let me introduce you to the Ocean Adventures Mod! [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUkDngV_Eqg’] An endless oceanic world with islands of all sizes, big, small and extreme! […]

Miniature Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

The Miniature Mod for Minecraft is absolutely amazing! Everything about it amazes me, and always surprises me. It’s in no way a simplistic Mod however, and some adjustments of the mind must be made in order to understand and use the Mod! The Miniature Mod for Minecraft allows the users to, in their singleplayer worlds […]