Tale of Kingdoms Mod 2 for Minecraft 1.6.4

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Tale of Kingdoms Mod

Mods are developed to implement features, functions and entertaining, new things in which will improve the gameplay of the game of Minecraft. When implementing mods with a great many features in which are all very complicated, yet must still work well together in their own ways; the mod developer must delve into the initial creation of the mod, and must also insure that the base idea is strong and genuinely unchanging. The Tale Of Kingdoms Mod 2 for Minecraft 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2 and 1.5.2is an extraordinary mod continuation of my number, favorite mod of all time. Those of the users who are familiar with the original mod would also understand that the mod developer stopped updating the Tale Of Kingdom mod. However, though there were very few fan-made updates of the mod; the actual Tale Of Kingdoms mod never really became better in the long term, and eventually was stopped being updated completely. The Tales of Kingdoms mod 2 is a very spectacular continuation. The uploader and developer has simply extended the story line from the original mod, and created a unique piece of work.

The mod itself implements very unique features, all holding their own functions. The details stretch down to even NPC, or trading GUI’s and systems. When using the Tale Of Kingdoms mod 2, its almost as if minecraft has been completely changed, the newly implemented quests and currency system gives the user/player a much more interesting goal or motivation in which they can follow. When spawning in a new world, the “Kingdom” will generate with it, in which is lead up to by a gravel road. Inside this fort the player will find an exquisite amount of different npc’s and quest givers. Such npc’s consist of Guard, Hunters, Black smith, Farmer, Banker, Survivors, Baker, and the Guild master. All of these newly implemented, and very intelligent mobs usually link together which each other very well. The new currency of Gold also gives the user something to aim for, and also encourages him/her to spend or save the money as they choose. The new story-line that the Tale Of Kingdoms mod implements into the game of Minecraft makes the game so much greater than it was originally.

Tale of Kingdoms Mod Tale of Kingdoms Mod

How to Install Tale of Kingdoms Mod 2 for Minecraft 1.6.4

  1. Download and Install Forge
  2. Download Tale of The Kingdom Mod
  3. Open .minecraft / bin
  4. Open Minecraft.jar
  5. Delete META INF
  6. Drag all the mod loader files into Minecraft.jar
  7. Run and test Minecraft
  8. Open .jar again and drag the full kingdom zip into Minecraft / mods
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