TecMod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Tec Mod is one of those amazing mods, that sort of boost minecraft into the medieval/modern era, with advances technology, but simple weapons and primitive ways. The TecMod adds several amazing things, ranging from simple fuel tanks to Nuclear factories and bombs. As you could understand, TecMod is a technical mod which is all about explosions and weapons of mass destruction and radiation. With the mod you are able to produce weapons and destroy your targets with a single click of a button. Rockets are also included in this mod.
The mod may seem easy to play, but that is only if you have TooManyItems mod installed. Playing the game in survival mode is the real challenge. To build most of the weapons, you require uranium and uranium ore spawns very rarely below level 13. You are better off with TooManyItems because finding all of the needed material, will surely be a pain in the backside.
The mod is still in ALPHA stage and is being developed.



TecMod for Minecraft 1.4.7 Main Features

The Mod implements some features into itself of the atomic infrastructure.+ This mod is based on Weapons of Mass destruction and the MOAB.

  • Uranium ore, can only be mined with a gold pickaxe (or it will explode)
  • The fluxinator, basically a uranium and obsidian converter
  • Reactor, in simple language, an improved furnace with an explosive notch, much faster than the normal one
  • Halleluja– the mega-bomb
  • Radiation, logical…
  • Anti radiation suit

  • Anti MoAB block, will not explode
  • Uranium arrows
  • Rockets
  • Linked Targeting Device 2000, needed for the rocket for navigation
  • Thrusters
  • Warheads
  • Fuel Tank
  • Fuel station, needed to fill up the tanks
  • AntiExplosionBlock, craft blocks that can withstand a nuclear explosion
  • Shell Canon, uses various items as projectiles
  • Many More! 

Pros and Cons 

The Mod is awesome, it has all of the items a real pyromaniac needs. This mod also has a great potential into becoming something BIG. However it is a pity that the developer currently focused only on nuclear weapons and protection from them.

How to Install TecMod for Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. Download and install FORGE API
  2. Download the TecMod
  3. Unarchive and run the installer
  4. Enjoy!


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