Terraformer Mod for Minecraft

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Terraformer Mod

The Terraformer Mod for Minecraft allows you to create blocks that will either destroy, harvest or transform other blocks when they come in contact with each other! This obviously has huge uses and benefits, so let us have a look then shall we? The animations for this mod are extremely smooth and there are thousands of different ways in which you can implement the additions of this modification to benefit your personal gain within the world of Minecraft!

This mod is completely customizeable: you can change which blocks react with each other, which blocks transform, harvest or destroy one another. You can alter the block ID’s and there should not be any compatibility errors!

Terraformer Mod for Minecraft Main Features

  • You can alter grass into sand, but only if the block below the grass is smoothstone!
  • You can change water and anything made of cobblestone into smoothstone!
  • With this mod, you can quickly and easily corrode pesky gravel from your mining path!
  • A specific block (although rendered irrelevant) could be used as the worlds fastest mining tool!

Terraformer Mod for Minecraft Positives and Negatives

PRO’S: This mod is fully updated to Minecraft , is compatible with all other mods and is available for download for client singleplayer and server multiplayer. There are many uses for this mod, including setting up a piston controlled harvesting block.
CON’S: This mod has no negatives, it incorporates a very useful addition to Minecraft. One that is completely unique, an improvement could be made however by making this mod more accessible to resource mining!

How to Install Terraformer Mod for Minecraft

  1. This mod requires Minecraft Forge to install successfully, go HERE to DOWNLOAD and install it!
  2. Next download the latest version of the mod and extract the folders with WINRAR.
  3. Next drag and drop all of the .zip files into your Minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF file!
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