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TFC\’s Mod Manager 1.6 – Mod Installer

Category: Minecraft Tools | Develop by: | Updated: 2011-06-05 17:17:33

TFC\’s Mod

Hi people, I’m sure many of you should have a problem with downloading Minecraft Mods or how to get it working. In TFC’s Mod Manager it helps you to get rid of that nonsense! ( the nonsense is problems :))  All you need to do is just drag and drop, press buttons, and get the mod running! You can also create or edit your own mod! ( isn’t that AWESOME?) :D. I would like to thank the developer of TFC’s Mod Manager who created this wonderful tool for us to use.

TFC's Mod Manager 1.6

TFC’S Mod Manager Screenshots

Have fun day Modding your Minecraft!

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