The 16p RPG Texture Pack 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

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The 16p RPG Texture Pack

Do you remember that amazing texture pack called DokuCraft probably you have spent loads of hour or even days playing with it. SineDeviance started doing a [16×16] texture pack based off DokuCraft but recently gave up. So andrejolicoeur is now going to continue it and update it for future Minecraft versions. He made it [16×16] and added some elements of his own to give this texture pack an RPG style and feel. He takes no credit for DokuCraft but he wants to be loyal and give the people some varieties of the blocks. Ths texture pack is very interesting to play and it adds an RPG mood, so you can play with your favorite RPG style mods.The 16p RPG Texture Pack

The 16p RPG Texture Pack Main Features

  • Clouds, grass, armor, weapons, skins and even mobs were all precisely selected to fit the RPG mood.
  • There is support for WildGrass mod
  • The custom made arts are all adjusted to fit into the RPG style (a perfect RPG texture pack indeed)
  • Variable clouds, they change weather every day, it can be bright. It can be overcast and sometimes the weather is clear.

The 16p RPG Texture Pack Pros and Cons

The texture pack is very sophisticated and has a particular style of play to it. It is impossible the great textures of DokuCraft, The new block designs that the author has added are just amazing. The cons would be that … Just joking, the pack is amazing and I don’t think it’s possible to find any Cons in it. It is perfect!

The 16p RPG Texture Pack Version 2.0 for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9 Changelog

  • Re-adjusted to work with WildGrass mod
  • The default wolves are now back.
  • Logos of biscuits, title screen and mojang logo are all changed to older versions.

The 16p RPG Texture Pack Installation Guide

  • Downlaod the .zip
  • Open your texture packs folder
  • Drop the zip into there
  • Choose your texture pack in-game
  • Enjoy!
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