The Avengers Minecraft Skins Set

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The Avengers Minecraft Skins Set

Alright guys, here is a special one for you! We have compiled all the Avenger Skins for you to download.As you might have already heard, I mean the movie is quite popular, actually, if you don’t know it…I wonder where you have been, you might need to cut back on whatever your doing, its probably bad for you. Anyhow, the Marvel Avengers will consist of 7 characters, and we’ll have all 7 skins. Let’s start shall we?

Avengers Minecraft Skin

Black Widow

Black Widow Skin

So our first skin would be the Black Widow here. Let me give you some details about her so you know what and why you might be using this skin. Her name is Natalia Romanova, which is played by our most beautiful of the Avengers gang, Scarlett Johansson. She is a russian spy that is also features in Iron Man once.

Captain America

Captain America Skin

He is the famous Captain America whose blockbuster movie just came out quite recently. I actually went to the cinema for this so I’ll have more info about him than Black Widow. Captain America was apparently a very skinny little dude with a great big heart. He joined the army to fight the second World War, and that was after many failed attempts since he didn’t pass the physical tests. After he joined, he impressed the general and they chose him to be the person to test out the very latest invention. Apparently it made him a superman, without the ability to fly, and he is human, at least he’s born on earth.


Hawkeye Skin

So I don’t really know this guy, but from my brief research, Hawkeye shoots bows incredibly well. And…erm…yea…Oh well, his parents died in an accident and he joined the carnival. That’s where he learned his archery. At some point he met our most sexy Black Widow and they kinda got together. He actually assisted Black Widow once in trying to steal a technology from Stark. After he saved her life she ditched her. That’s about the whole romance story that I know of.


Hulk Skin

Another quite famous comic character here. His story is that The Hulk used to be a scientist working in a top secret facility in the US. He then got contaminated with some very dangerous chemicals and so, like spiderman I suppose, got a new ability. This is to transform himself into a very huge and strong beast. I’m not sure if he is actually in control of himself at that point, or is he like a werewolf that doesn’t remember, I frankly can’t recall, its been a while.

Iron Man

Iron Man Skin

I do not think any other comic character can beat the popularity of this guy here. His name is Tony Stark. Apparently his father Howard Stark built this great success technology company, he was also the person who invented the machine that created Captain America. Now Tony here, has been injured from a kidnapping event which led to his severe chest problem. It made Tony build the super power suit which he calls, the Iron Man. Tony is a billionaire, who is a player and to be honest a little crazy, but most genius people are, maybe its because they see things beyond the way we do. Anyhow that’s Iron Man, he fight crimes and all sorts, but apart from that the guy inside is no super human, just a super rich guy who likes to have a lot of fun.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury Skin

Nick Fury is like the American James Bond. He’s a super spy working for the CIA. I really don’t know much about him but from my understanding, Nick Fury is the person who called for all the super heros to come together in a mission called Avengers. Now feel free to comment below so we all know. I’m no comic fan so I did a very brief research through the wiki.My apologies if I got stuff wrong.


Thor Skin

Thor is a mythological god of thunder. Thor uses Hammer to strike thunder powers. Marvel uses this mythology to create their comic character. I haven’t seen the movie but he seems quite powerful.


Alright guys, thats it for this special posts featuring the Avengers Skins Set. Please comment below for some feedback and maybe share you guys opinions on the movie and characters. Once again I’m really sorry if the info i’ve given are a little biased. I don’t know all the characters. So if you guys think I missed something important be sure to share with your friends on the comment box below. Thanks guys!


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