Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs in 2011 for Minecraft 1.0.0

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After a great year for Minecraft here at MinecraftDL we have decided to look at the top 10 texture packs from 2011. This top 10 is based on popularity and how much they have been downloaded.

#10 Xaiwaker Texture Pack

This texture pack is rich in colour and textures. The theme the developer of this pack was aiming for as an adventure style and he wants to bring the hero back into you! The pack is inspired by Zelda.

#9 Star Wars Texture Pack

Star Wars Minecraft Texture Pack

The developer of this pack was aiming for a stars wars theme, and I think he got it! Your swords look like light sabres. Your bow even looks like a gun!

#8 FaceCraft Texture Pack

FaceCraft Texture Pack

If you have had a bad day and want cheering up, and you just want to see a smile this texture pack will be for you All of the blocks have smiles on

#7 CoroCraft Texture Pack

CoroCraft RPG Minecraft 1.8 Texture Pack

This texture pack has been done really well. When you are looking at the colours and the texture pack you wouldn’t think the guy who made this texture pack was colour blind because its amazing!

#6 Misa’s realistic Texture Pack

Misa's Realistic for Minecraft 1.0.0

If your looking for a texture pack that makes the game look realistic this one may be for you. The pack is compatible with a few mods. But all the textures look realistic

#5 LB Photo Realism Texture Pack

LB Photo Realism for Minecraft

This texture pack is available in multiple resoloutions from 16 to 256 the higher the definition you use the more you will enjoy the game. The textures just look like pictures.

#4 X-ray Texture Pack

X-Ray Texture Pack for Minecraft

This texture pack is used by people who want to find ores. It is commonly used on survival servers to get diamonds. If you like to cheat this texture pack is for you!

#3 Sphax PureBDcraft Texture Pack

PureBDCraft Texture Pack

This texture pack is vector based and available in all popular resolutions. The texture pack is in a cartoon style and works great. This is a fun texture pack to use.

#2 Dokucraft Texture Pack

DokuCraft Texture Pack

This texture pack is great as its available in 3 styles. Light, dark and high. The three texture packs are similar but have different styles.

#1 JohnSmith Texture Pack

JohnSmith Texture Pack

This texture pack is great as it is fully customizable. You can download the texture pack or maybe change certain textures that you don’t like.