Transformer Bumblebee Minecraft Skin

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Transformer Bumblebee Minecraft Skin

Hello, everyone. Today I was searching on Mincraft skin and i found this awesome skin for you guys to download this skin. The skin name was Bumblebee. I think most of you know Bubble bee. For those who don’t know Bumblebee is a robot in transformer. Bubble Bee is very  friendly to people. So you don’t need to scare to download Bumblebee skin. Bumblebee is not a devil he is a hero. This skin has a very good detail in it. Also you will discover that it is cool to use this skin as your character. So have fun using skin Bubble Bee and hope you like this skin.

Transformer Bubble Bee Minecraft Skin

How to change skin to Bumblebee Skin

  1. Download Bumblebee skin at this website
  2. Go to
  3. Go to your profile
  4. Scroll your mouse down and you will see the word browse, Click it
  5. Click upload

You already upload skin , Have fun playing minecraft


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