Turbo Model Thingy for Minecraft 1.2.5

Last updated 2012-04-04 12:00:24

Playing Minecraft is fun, but creating a model in Minecraft is not that fun. Sometimes it was so hard to build a model block-by-block, am I right? Turbo Model Thingy will make this even more complicated! but wait.. don’t turn your face away yet.

Turbo Model Thingy for Minecraft 1.8.1
Turbo Model Thingy is a Minecraft Mod that will add a new way for you to express your ideas into Minecraft world. Before you may not construct your model into a trapezoid shape, but now just use the add Trapezoid class and you’re done. Turbo Model Thingy even support more completed shapes such as cylinder, GASP, spheres, and even more.

All Minecraft Mods that build on Turbo Model Thingy requiredsTurbo Model Thingy to be installed


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