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WeedCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

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WeedCraft Mod

This is the perfect mod for all of you stoners out there who wish to bring two of their favorite hobbies together. You can now combine it with Minecraft to have an even better time. Invite your friends into your server to show off your brand new weed farm and maybe offer them some hash brownies. This mod includes a lot of features, offering you everything from hemp armor to a simple joint. It not only includes the items but also the whole farming procedure to obtain the items.

You start off by finding a male plant that is generated randomly through the map. The male plants will drop seeds to get your farm started. when you plant these seeds, they will produce either a female or a male plant. This is random. If the plant is male, you can get more seeds. If the plant is female it will drop buds which you can use to craft other items. There is a lot going on in this mod so make sure you have a go making all of the items in the recipe list, as they aren’t all included below.

Hemp block recipe
Brownie dough recipe
Rolling paper recipe
Joint recipe
Potion recipe
Hemp pickaxe recipe

WeedCraft Version 2 for Minecraft 1.3.2 Changelogs

  • Now with a server version
  • New textures
  • A hemp block has been added
  • A marijuana potion has been added
  • Some items now give player effects.
  • Armor and tools have been added
  • The plants now generate across the map
  • They need a light level of 8 to grow now
  • Buds can be obtained from female plants and seeds from males
  • You can now use the seeds to plant marijuana

How to install WeedCraft for Minecraft 1.3.2

Client Install instructions:

  • Download [1.3.2] WeedCraft v2.0 Client
  • Download and install ModLoader and ModLoaderMP
  • Copy [1.3.2] WeedCraft v2.0 to your minecraft.jar
  • Delete your META-INF folder
  • Have a good time with your new minecraft items”

Server Install instructions:

  • Download [1.3.2] WeedCraft v 2.0 Server
  • Download and install ModLoaderMP Server (second download link)
  • Move [1.3.2] WeedCraft Server v2.0 to your server_minecraft.jar
  • Please note that for the server you don’t need to delete your META-INF!
  • Invite your buddies to your game and light up!
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