WW2 Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

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WW2 Pack

Calling all Minecraft lovers!  I came across an awesome Mod that will revolutionize the Minecraft galaxy! WW2 Pack  increases the amount of weapons that is originally placed in the game. What you will need to do, is to craft the weapon box that will be either Germany, United States of America, and Great Britain. These weapon boxes will make crafting weapons a little more simpler and easier. The creators are planning on creating grenades , Japanese weapons, and many other destructive weapons to increase your armory. Nevertheless, with the single player WW2 Pack , Minecraft just got a whole lot deadlier. Well, for the pigs at most.

WW2 Mod

Find tons of its Recipe at the source here

How to Download and Install WW2 Pack  for Minecraft 1.6.4

  1. You will need Minecraft Forge and you’ll need to install Simple Parts Pack
  2. Download the WW2 Guns Mod
  3. Open Minecraft.jar file (Can be found by searching “%appdata%, going to .minecraft, then bin)
  4. Delete META-INF
  5. Drop the WW2 Guns Mod files in the flan folder
  6. Close the minecraft.jar file

Or just follow the video. 🙂

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