Minecraft in Xbox 360 Market Place

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Minecraft in Xbox 360 Market Place

As we all know Minecraft is coming to the Xbox 360 Arcade, and as we all know MineCon is happening right now! The Minecraft Xbox 360 trailer has just been premiered at MineCon, the video is up for download at the Xbox 360 market place now. But here at MinecraftDL we like to bring you the content direct! So the video is below. It was released on HaatFilms channel shortly after the trailer premiered.

Minecraft Xbox

Minecraft is’nt available in the Xbox 360 market place yet. We it will be there shortly. (Could possibly be out depending on when your reading this). From what I can tell from the trailer you will be able to play survival mod unlike the version of Minecraft available in your pocket.

The Xbox edition is made in conjunction with 4J studios. Apparently the Xbox 360 arcade edition of Minecraft will be compatible with the computer version.

Minecraft Official Xbox 360 arcade trailer

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