Yeti Skin for Minecraft 1.6.6

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Yeti Skin

Skin…. As you have noticed, this should be the first article about skins in this website. Everyone of you should know what a skin is or how it works. Skin is like a texture pack, instead it changes only your character, not the surroundings. Lets go into the point. Have you ever seen a real yeti, actually its kinda like a legend monster. For those who has never seen a yeti OR doesn’t know what it is, the yeti looks like a gorilla with white skin and  lives in Icy,cold biomes. Now you can be a yeti in Minecraft!  The popular Yeti skin( with real moving eyes and mouth!) is now right before your eyes. Thanks to the creator (halucid) of this skin we have a nice and fine skin to use. You should be wondering how could this “Yeti skin” get so popular (more popular than some mods)? Some people say that it’s because of the real moving eyes and mouth and how the developer create it in details. Well, I would agree with that, when I saw this:

Yeti Minecraft Skins

It’s quite nice. For those who don’t know how to change skins look here

How to Install Yeti Skin for Minecraft 1.6.6

  1. First of all you need Premuim acc 🙂
  2. Download it
  3. Then login (with your id)
  4. Click Profile
  5. You will see “Change your skin” , click on the “Choose file”
  6. Then find the picture you downloaded
  7. Click “Upload image”
  8. Play!

Have fun time with your yeti!:)

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