Arab Skin

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Arab Skin

How do you build your world in Minecraft? Is there just a normal home with a long backyard? Is there a tall building with large swimming pool that looks like a luxurious five-star hotel? Is there a huge castle that makes you become a king of the empire?

For those people who love adventure, building a house in the middle of jungle or in a dried vast desert might be their goal. It will be fun, won’t it? You might enjoy living in a land where no one live, going out to explore new environment, or doing something that might seem weird in a normal world.

If you built your home in a desert land, you might want this skin in your world. An Arab dressed skin is popular worldwide. They covered all of their body, from head to toes, in order to avoid all sandy wind or unexpected poisonous animals. This suit also helps you protecting a heat wave that can harm your skin.

How to install the Arab Skin

  1. Start with downloading Arab Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Click profile,and browse to your Arab Skin file
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your new Arab Skin!!
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