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AtmosMobs Mod

AtmosMobs adds you lots of new mobs and animals into the game which is not those hungry zombies anymore but just some normal animals (cool). There are essential animals for example the chamelon, the butterflies, the crabs the piranhas and so on… There are also bird type animals like crow, owl, seagulls, pigeon, parrot, vulture, etc… and now for this version of the mod, the new release is the sea animals which includes the reef manta, the sea turtle, the sword fish, etc… There are lots more going on with this mod and since animals were added, new items were added to (the animals drop items :D!). You also can tame animals that you catch for example if you kill a chameleon and it drops an egg, when you throw it you have a slight chance of getting a tamed chameleon.

AtmosMobs Mod AtmosMobs Mod AtmosMobs Mod

AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 Main Features

  • Sea creatures
  • Essential creatures
  • Bird creatures
  • Taming system from items and by catching
  • Lots of new items like the catching net and the scarecrows

How to Install AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. Instal your Minecraft Forge, and (optionally) Mob Spawn Control by putting it to your minecraft.jar (delete META-INF)
  2. Locate your roaming folder by typing “%appdata%” on run
  3. Go to the “.minecraft” folder
  4. Copy the contents from the “put_in_resources” folder including the zip file to the resources folder in .minecraft
  5. Go back to your “.minecraft” and find your “mods” folder
  6. Copy and paste the zip inside the “put_in_mods” folder
  7. ENJOY!
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