Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

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Backpacks Mod

Once there was a Portable Workbench ( Crafting table). But now there is a Portable Chest! It isn’t really named Portable Chests, instead they name it Backpack! Surely all of you who plays Minecraft would need an extra space for more items 🙂 That’s why Backpacks mod is a popular mod. Because sometimes when we are collecting resources, or mining. We have filled up the bag space. So now we are left with nothing but to go back to your home. Suddenly, there was a diamond!

Minecraft Backpacks Mod

You don’t want to let go of any thing in your bag so that is why backpacks are here for you. A Backpack is one of the most useful items in Minecraft, but aren’t you bored if you have a same old colored backpack? Well, Backpack mod enables you to color your backpack! Just like normal wool.

Backpacks Mod Version 1.18.17 for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Fixes

Thanks to the developer (Mighty Pork) for making this portable chests for us! For me, I use this mod every time  when I need to harvest my Pig farm 🙂 Because pork is un-stackable

Normal backpacks:
Posted Image
Colored backpacks:
Posted Image

Backpack Mod for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 Main Features

  • You can use Inventory Edit to return back your old backpack!
  • Colored Backpacks
  • Portable chests ( sure :P)
  • You can’t put your backpack into your backpack

How to Craft BackPack

  • It’s the same recipe as chest, but use leather instead of planks
  • You can place color dye in the middle to color the backpack
  • There is no limit of creating a backpack
  • You can’t store backpack in another backpack


How to Install Backpack Mod for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download Backpacks v1.22.25 mod.
  3. Open Minecraft.jar folder.
  4. run/%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin.
  5. Open minecraft.jar by using winrar or 7zip.
  6. Drag the files inside the mod you downloaded into minecraft.jar folder
  7. Play!
  8. Recipes can be found here

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a fun time backpacking! 😀

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