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How to Run Multiple Versions of Minecraft

There’s so many versions of Minecraft, and so many mods. Sometime I find myself wanting to play minecraft completely vanilla, and then sometimes I find myself wanting to play with the Yogbox installed, or with better than wolves mod installed. Obviously there is a huge compatibility issue. Minecraft doesn’t work with Yogbox and better than

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-10-26 13:30:58

How to Play Minecraft for Beginners

How to play minecraft, well frankly play it how you want. That is the beauty of minecraft. You can play it multiple ways. You can play in creative mode and have unlimted resources and no health and just freely build. Or you can play minecraft in survival mode and try to survive against the hostile

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-10-12 01:01:49

How to Reduce Lag in Minecraft

Minecraft, what a wounderful game; well when you can play smoothly and without lag! I have recently discovered a mod that helps you reduce lag. Unfortunately it isn’t updated to Minecraft 1.8.1. But I’m sure it wont be long until it is updated. I know I can hear you. ‘SO HOW DO IT DO IT’.

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-10-11 23:59:54

Modding Your Minecraft

In this special Mod Post, I’ll demonstrate methods I discovered accidentally on how to edit your /.minecraft/ configurations to control your Minecraft interface. This may not work for Mac, but should work for Linux if you tweak my instructions. You will learn how to: Change your sun and moon to be bigger and brighter, Change

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-07-03 15:28:16

How to Downgrade Minecraft 1.7.2 to 1.6.6

Oh yeah! Minecraft 1.7 is already out! You should be now searching for all those mods and texture packs update. But have you forgotten something? If you are a multiplayer gamer you should know that when there is an update that moment. Because it makes you update to 1.7 immediately, so that means the server

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-07-02 15:25:08

Piston Crafting Recipe in Minecraft 1.7

After a long time waiting for this to be come real, the Piston in Minecraft. You may used the Piston Mod before, but with Minecraft 1.7 you don’t have to install any mod again and again. By the ways, what is Pistons? Piston are blocks the able to push or pull the block. Sticky Piston

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-06-29 17:59:53

How to Make Sand Falling Trap in Minecraft

Have problems with thieves? Or wanna teach them some lessons? Well you’ve came the right place for “sand falling trap tutorial”! First I must tell you that this trap can be used in 1.6.6 (actually it’s working with every versions) so don’t worry. There are many styles Mobdro of making this trap either redstones wire,

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-06-05 18:34:20

How to Downgrade Minecraft from 1.6.5 to 1.6.4 to 1.5

This week Minecraft had been updated a lot, almost everyday. Especially the developer, who building mods and texture packs had to keep their mods and texture packs up to date. While some people that playing Minecraft Multiplayer are not able to access to server caused by “Server Outdated” error. There are still a lot of

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Minecraft Tutorials | 2011-05-29 01:30:31
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