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Minecraft 1.0.0 Only the Beginning

Now Minecraft has finally been released at MineCon on the 18th / 19th of November 2011 there’s a lot of speculation on the web as to. Minecraft what’s next? Is that the end of the new features? The new mobs items blocks? In my opinion now Minecraft has officially been released it can only get

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News & Updates | 2011-11-19 21:17:17

Minecraft in Xbox 360 Market Place

As we all know Minecraft is coming to the Xbox 360 Arcade, and as we all know MineCon is happening right now! The Minecraft Xbox 360 trailer has just been premiered at MineCon, the video is up for download at the Xbox 360 market place now. But here at MinecraftDL we like to bring you

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News & Updates | 2011-11-19 13:08:01

Minecraft Pocket for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

Minecraft has finally been released as a pocket addition; always have Minecraft no matter where you go. You can get it on your iPhone iPad or other android devices. You can pick the pocket edition (PE) up for $6.99 approximately £5 GBP Don’t get to excited. It’s a scaled down version of Minecraft which is

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News & Updates | 2011-11-19 13:04:18

Minecraft 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Available for Download

Wait.. is this actually Minecraft 1.0? The answer is Yes. Actually what we have called this version of pre release was Minecraft 1.9 RC 2. However this pre release seems to be the last release before MineCon. That is coming in one day. So we can called this is the actual or preview of Minecraft

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News & Updates | 2011-11-16 13:33:46

Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 5 Now Available for Download

After a long time waiting for the pre release 5, finally Mojang had released it new version of Minecraft Pre Release, which is Pre Release 5. In this there are several changes that had been added, fixed, and much more. What’s New in Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 5 Better Water Physics for vertical water flow.

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News & Updates | 2011-10-30 14:58:08

Minecraft 1.9 – Dragons

Dragons in Minecraft. YES you heard me Dragons in Minecraft. Possibly the coolest thing to be added since I don’t know the creation of Minecraft? Notch recently tweeted a bunch of letters, which when changed around said Enderdragon. Today notch tweeted a few images of the new dragons. ( Shown in the video) At this

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News & Updates | 2011-10-08 00:06:38

Minecraft 1.9 – Baby Animals

Another few new mobs have been added to Minecraft 1.9 pre release 3; well sort of. Minecraft now has baby animals in vanilla! You don’t need mobs to get the little cute animals. The baby animals have been added because of the breeding process added in pre release 2, as it didn’t make sense for

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News & Updates | 2011-10-06 23:16:32

Cauldron, Brewing Stand & Ender Eyes – Minecraft 1.9

Cauldrons, brewing stands and ender eyes all new items added in the 3rd minecraft 1.9 pre release. These updates are coming quick and fast mainly because notch and the mojang team want alot added into the game before they appear at minecon So the Cauldron, Brewing Stand & Ender Eyes are all items going towards

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News & Updates | 2011-10-06 22:55:01

Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 3 Now Available for Download

Once again after Mojang had released Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 2, and Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 1. The reason that they are releasing this pre release thing is because, they want to know what we’re thinking about Minecraft 1.9 before they released the official Minecraft 1.9. Minecraft 1.9 had added hundreds of features and improved

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News & Updates | 2011-10-06 21:41:38

Minecraft 1.9 – Breeding

So Minecraft 1.9 pre release 2 is here. Which means non hostile mobs are now limited. If you go around on a killing spree you will soon realise that threes not that many mobs around! So to counter act this breeding has been added to the game and its essential you learn how to breed

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News & Updates | 2011-10-01 00:47:05
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