Daisy Duke Skin

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Daisy Duke Skin

Have you ever watched a fan made Minecraft series called the Yogscast on YouTube?  If you never watched it, you might need a time to go through all 11 seasons of series. It is a fun and enjoyable story. All of characters in Yogscast have their own style and background. Daisy Duke is one of the interesting figures in this series.

Daisy Duke is the blacksmith and a resident of Terrorvale. She originally came from Mistral city where she gained blacksmith knowledge from her father, the owner of a large blacksmith company. She was said to be the owner of the best company that produced the best armour in Minecraftia. In Yogscast first season, Daisy was kidnaped by Israphel, and this is the beginning of all series as two man figure tried to save her. No one knows who she loves. We know that Old Peculier was intent to propose her but she seem to fail in love with Honeydew, a hero that tried to save her.

How to install Daisy Duke Skin

  1. Download Daisy Duke Skin
  2. Go to minecraft.net
  3. Click profile,and browse your Daisy Duke Skin
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your Daisy Duke Skin


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