DarkHorse Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.4

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DarkHorse Plugin

I seem to be doing a lot of bukkit plugins lately.  At least they’re good ones, though.

This plugin adds a few new riding animals into minecraft.  You’re not just stuck with horses anymore.  You’ve got donkeys, mules, and skeleton horses.  Yep, you can ride a dead horse instead of beating it like someone who makes Australian jokes.  ¡ǝʇɐɯ ‘ʎɐp pooƃ.  There are also zombie horses.  They both look pretty cool.  I mean, imagine running through a city riding one of these:

DarkHorse Plugin

Just imagine it.  Let that image sink in.  Sadly, this is NOT single-player, only bukkit.  And the horses don’t spawn naturally, so I guess you can use it as a way to identify the devs from everyone else.  Or as a premium reward on a server for donating to them.  Whatever you want to do with it, really.  To spawn one, just type /dh followed by the type of horse you want.  The list is:

  • horse
  • donkey
  • mule
  • skeleton
  • zombie

Add ” tamed” to the end of the command to spawn a tamed one that you just need to saddle.  Then proceed onto your ever-lasting undead ride into the setting moon.

DarkHorse Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.4 Main Features

  • Adds in  four new horses.
  • Allows you to spawn in every kind of horse.
  • SMP compatible.

How to Use the DarkHorse Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.4

Full list of commands:

  • /dh horse
  • /dh horse tamed
  • /dh donkey
  • /dh donkey tamed
  • /dh mule
  • /dh mule tamed
  • /dh skeleton
  • /dh skeleton tamed
  • /dh zombie
  • /dh zombie tamed

Use one of those to spawn a horse.  They’re all pretty self-explanatory.  If you use one of the -tamed commands, your horse just needs to be saddled.

DarkHorse Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.4 Pros and Cons


  • Spawn horses.
  • Spawn tamed horses.
  • SMP compatible!


  • It doesn’t let you craft saddles.  I know there are other mods for this, but it’s an SMP mod only.
  • Not SSP-compatible.

DarkHorse Plugin Version 1.2 for Minecraft 1.7.4 Changelog

  • All horses tamable
  • Added mules
  • Cleaned up code
  • Updated commands
  • Updated permissions

How to Install the DarkHorse Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.4

  1. Download the bukkit server.
  2. Download the DarkHorse plugin.
  3. Drag the .jar file into your plugins folder.
  4. Run the server, log onto it, and test the plugin by typing a command.
  5. If it works, you’ve done it correctly.


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