How to Run Multiple Versions of Minecraft

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How to Run Multiple Versions of Minecraft

There’s so many versions of Minecraft, and so many mods. Sometime I find myself wanting to play minecraft completely vanilla, and then sometimes I find myself wanting to play with the Yogbox installed, or with better than wolves mod installed. Obviously there is a huge compatibility issue. Minecraft doesn’t work with Yogbox and better than wolves installed, you will find yourself staring at a black screen.

I’ve searched the internet and I have found one or two ways of running multiple versions. One way to do it would have the mod installed into the minecraft.jar folder and then copy the minecraft.jar folder and install separate mods into the and rename the folder. Then when you want to play minecraft with the yogbox installed you name that folder minecraft and rename the other one. I know confusing right!

After a lot more searching I have found a easier way to do this, and I now use this method and its just brilliant!

  1. Make a new folder. ( Name it Minecraft 1.8 for example)
  2. Drop the Minecraft Launcher into the folder.
  3. Drop the .Minecraft folder into the Minecraft 1.8 folder
  4. Open notepad, and paste
    • set APPDATA=%cd%
    • javaw -Xms512M -Xmx512M -cp Minecraft.exe net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
  5. Click file, save as
  6. Name it, start Minecraft.bat
  7. Select save as type, and select all files
  8. Save it in the Minecraft 1.8 folder
  9. Close the note pad
  10. Open the Minecraft 1.8 folder
  11. Click the Start Minecraft file

Now you have a vanilla version of minecraft. Copy Minecraft 1.8 folder rename it Minecraft with Yogbox. Install Yogbox into that minecraft.jar folder.

You now have another version of Minecraft

This video may help

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