MobDisguise Plugin for Bukkit 1.2.5

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MobDisguise Plugin

This mod is completely different to any other plugin or even, mod, than I have ever seen. MobDisguise is unique, it allows you to transform yourself into a mob at will. Not only this, for you can even transform yourself into players that exist all over the world. With a simple command, you can transform yourself into players like; Notch, Vareide, members from the Yogscast. This plugin offers endless possibilities.

The name above your head will also dissapear!

Your character will now not only change shape into players, but when you transform into another player, when you type into chat, your name will appear as the players name. You can’t see yourself as another character, but you will know that this plugin has worked once you have the players screaming for help because there is a creeper at there doorstep. Be careful though, some players are very suspicious, and know movements and actions of mobs. So you have to be strategic, you have to move, and act like the mob you are disguising yourself as. When changing into a player, be careful, names are case sensitive so you have to

The commands are really simple, and quite quick to use, in case of emergency creeper scaring, fun time.


  • mobdisguise.* ;Gives a player the ability to transform into all mobs
  • mobdisguise.mob.[mobtype] ; Replace [mobtype] with the mobtype players can turn into
  • mobdisguise.player ; Lets a player turn into othe players

How to install MobDisguise Plugin for Bukkit 1.2.5

  1. Install a bukkit server. this is how.
  2. Download the mob disguise jar.
  3. Open your plugins folder located in your server folder.
  4. Drag the downloaded jar into your plugins folder.
  5. Start your server. Stop it, then start it again.
  6. The plugin will now be fully installed
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