Cauldron, Brewing Stand & Ender Eyes – Minecraft 1.9

Cauldrons, brewing stands and ender eyes all new items added in the 3rd minecraft 1.9 pre release. These updates are coming quick and fast mainly because notch and the mojang team want alot added into the game before they appear at minecon So the Cauldron, Brewing Stand & Ender Eyes are all items going towards

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News & Updates | 2011-10-06 22:55:01

Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 3 Now Available for Download

Once again after Mojang had released Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 2, and Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 1. The reason that they are releasing this pre release thing is because, they want to know what we’re thinking about Minecraft 1.9 before they released the official Minecraft 1.9. Minecraft 1.9 had added hundreds of features and improved

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News & Updates | 2011-10-06 21:41:38

Biome Terrain Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1

When Minecraft was updated to 1.8 two new variables were added in the .Minecraft folder, these two variables where height and roughness, because of this update a modder has decided to bring out a mod which helps you mod the Minecraft terrain yourself! You can edit the height around the edges of rivers so they

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Minecraft Mods | 2011-10-05 15:39:12

Height Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0

In the Minecraft 1.8 update notch changed some of the files in the .Minecraft folder, these files have given the ability to change a few more things that they couldn’t before. One of the things that has changed has given modders the ability to change the height limit of your world. So mountains generate higher

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Minecraft Mods | 2011-10-03 13:32:46

Dwarf Red Beard Skin

This extreamly popular skin is by far a fun and creative skin. The skin is most likly popluar due to it being used by the popular Yogscast, were simon uses this skin. This skin is fun, creative, and simple. Its great if you ever feel like you want to dress up like a dwarf and

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Minecraft Skins | 2011-10-03 13:19:29

How to Convert Your Maps to Creative mode

Do you have your old creative maps that you build all your pixel art on? Are you disappointed when there’s a Minecraft update and the mods aren’t compatible so you can fly around and spawn blocks? Well I have the soloution! Convert your world to a Minecraft creative map! When you update to Minecraft 1.8

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Minecraft Tools | 2011-10-02 12:14:32

Minecraft 1.9 – Breeding

So Minecraft 1.9 pre release 2 is here. Which means non hostile mobs are now limited. If you go around on a killing spree you will soon realise that threes not that many mobs around! So to counter act this breeding has been added to the game and its essential you learn how to breed

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News & Updates | 2011-10-01 00:47:05

Minecraft 1.9 – Endermen Features

In Minecraft 1.8 we all are well aware that ender men where added. Yes them annoying black mobs that pinch blocks and teleport all over! Well they have been tweaked. Notch tweeted before the 1.9 pre release 2 that they where being tweaked. He also tweeted that the block stealing feature is being taken out.

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News & Updates | 2011-10-01 00:43:39

Minecraft 1.9 – Camera views and Features

The pre-release 2 adds a few camera views that have previously been in Minecraft and then taken away. These new camera views give you the element of playing Minecraft from another view. By pressing F5, the camera view changes to behind Steve, pressing it again will change the camera view to look at the front

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News & Updates | 2011-09-30 12:28:26

Potions and New Items in Minecraft 1.9

So Minecraft 1.9 pre-release is here, these updates are coming fast! Not long ago 1.9 pre release 1 dropped and week previous to that we go Minecraft 1.8. Still no news when we will get Minecraft 1.9 There’s been no new blocks added to Minecraft 1.9 pre release 2 but that’s not to say there’s

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News & Updates | 2011-09-30 01:00:57
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