Paranoia Adventure Map 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

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Paranoia Adventure Map

You are Micheal Estrange, a victim, a test subject in a revolutionary new experiment for a mysterious and unknown power source in a new building complex.  You experience strange and frightening things as a result of the weird and new power being pumped into the area.  As you find your way through the air ship, you might find answers to explain the mysterious power, the advanced technology and a way to leave on your quest to escape the floating behemoth.  You are in charge of destroying the source of this strange and seemingly foreign technology!  There are tons of things to see in this terrifying adventure of intrigue, puzzle solving, traps and jumping puzzles galore!  This map makes use of the newer features such as frames on the walls, giving a much cleaner and more interactive story telling experience, instead of using just signs, notes and gathering maps.  This is one of the first I have seen use these new features so well.  If you like adventure maps and would love to see a really well made one, you will surely enjoy this one.Paranoia Adventure Map

Do you like adventure maps full of jumping action, puzzles and a very interesting and well written story?  Then you should check out this Paranoia Adventure map!

Paranoia Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 Main Features

  • Very detailed and unique map
  • Several hours of play time for a nice little map to play any time
  • A total of one hundred hidden diamonds for a lot of adventuring

Paranoia Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 Changelog

  • Updated for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

How to Install Paranoia Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

  1. Click Start menu on Windows and type in %appdata% and locate your .minecraft folder
  2. Nagivate through your minecraft folder and locate the “Saves” folder
  3. Download and unzip the “Paranoia adventure zip” file
  4. Place your entire folder of “Paranoia adventure” into Saves
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