PixelArtist Mod for Minecraft

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PixelArtist Mod

The PixelArtist Mod for Minecraft is part of a mod collection created by ‘MindKrafter’. Within this modification collection, The PixelArtist Mod as well as Xtrablocks and the Xtraslopes Mod combine to give the player an authentic, aesthetic, creative artistic edge! The Xtrablocks and Xtraslopes provide the majority of the additions and do the bulk of the work. However, this mod improves both an is an essential piece of the puzzle! But what exactly does the PixelArtist Mod for Minecraft do?

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PixelArtist Mod for Minecraft Main Features

  • Note that the added paint brushes serves no purpose within the mod collection other than for crafting recipes!
  • You can easily and quickly create the needed paintbrush by combining a feather, two sticks and a dye!
  • Once you have the necessary paintbrush, each colored brush can be combined with each of the 16 dyes which gives you 256 blocks for advanced pixel art or to re-texture expanding the Xtra Slopes and Xtra Blocks Mod!

PixelArtist Mod for Minecraft Positives and Negatives

PROS: This mod is fully updated for Minecraft . It is available for download for server multiple player and client single player! It is virtually bugless and really helps to improve an already long standing other mod!
CONS: However, if you are looking for a large mod to install that changes every aspect of Minecraft, then this is not it! This mod is virtually an add-on!

How to Install PixelArtist Mod for Minecraft

  1. First of all, go here to download and install Minecraft Forge! It is a necessary step to take otherwise this mod will not install correctly!
  2. Next, download the latest version of the PixelArist Mod and drag and drop the .zip files into your Minecraft.jar
  3. Then finally delete your META-INF file and you have the mod, CONGRATS!
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