Minecraft 1.3.2

Free Runners Mod for Minecraft

Free Runners Mod adds free running also known as parkour into Minecraft, it gives you the ability to run up walls, grap a ledge and pull your self up. This mod was partially inspired by the assassin’s creed games, and also a desire to run up walls in Minecraft Free Runners Mod adds a few items including

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Minecraft Mods | 2015-07-31 11:00:09

Le Parkour Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Minecraft is a fun and entertaining game but over time you can get bored. Le Parkour mod changes this! Now you can become the “Ezio Auditore” of Minecraft. Your whole game experience changes. Now you can climb walls, cling onto edges, wall-run and many more ! Suddenly Minceraft becomes much more interesting, with endless possibilities,

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-24 20:57:03

Bloodracken Dimension for Minecraft 1.3.2

In the delevelopement of minecraft, after the first few updates, when the survival feature had been introduced which in turn sparked an unstoppable flare that made players lining up for more. Killing zombies and skeletons was just not enough. Soon enough the nether and end were designed and put into action. Even so, Both dimensions

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-22 19:18:29

Mo\’Nightmare Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Do you want some thrills and spills in Minecraft? Do you want to be stuck to the edge of your seat? Do fear what lurks beneath and above the world of Minecraft? Well this mod could be for you, the MO’NIGHTMARE MOD is just in time for Halloween, and that’s why I think it is

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-20 13:18:30

Lego Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

First of all, this modification is in early stages! I really mean that, if this Mod was a baby it couldn’t even hold its own head up yet! That’s early stages! However, I’ve decided to write about it as it is a great idea for a mod! We all have connections with it and I

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-18 20:27:44

More Paintings Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

The saddest thing on Earth would be a soldier in battle running out of bullets. Similarly, colors mean a lot to artists. Even if they have great pictures in mind, without the colors to fill them up, no masterpiece will be created. Now, the mod I’m about to introduce to you is the mod you all

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-18 19:07:17

Mo\’Mobs and Ores Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Hello Minecrafters, today I will be introducing to you a new mod called Mo’Mobs and Ores. So basically this mod is just like other mods in Minecraft, it adds new ores, recipe, mobs, and more. If you know what Humans+ mod is, this is similar to Humans+ Mod. It makes you have more and more

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-15 20:43:38

Super Pills Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

This mod adds the super pills to minecraft. The super pills mod adds a collection of supplements to minecraft that each add a different trait. However, there cannot be an advantage without an side effect. And that is how the creator has helped to balance this addition. The super pills allow you to jump as

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-14 19:34:35

Moar Achievements Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Achievements are all fine and dandy in Minecraft, but do you ever get a craving for more? Have you completed all the set tasks and still want more? Well this mod really could come in handy! This is the ‘Moar Achievements Mod’ for Minecraft 1.3.2! Now for the mod itself, there are WAY to many

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-13 22:47:39

Europa Moon Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Ever since Minecraft was updated with an ending, Adventurers have been left feeling empty handed after they beat the game. Is that it? Nothing else to conquer or destroy? Think about it, you have made the Nether, The Normal and The End dimension your own? But there MUST be something more take over, something else

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Minecraft Mods | 2012-10-13 22:25:31
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