Top 10 Minecraft Mods in 2011 for Minecraft 1.0.0

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Top 10 Minecraft Mods in 2011

2011 is almost over and here at MinecraftDL we have decided to look at the top 10 mods of 2011. This top 10 is based on popularity and not based on opinion. This is the top 10 most used and downloaded mods of 2011 according to our statistics.

#10 — Audio Mod

Minecraft AudioMod

Audio mod is a mod which adds more sounds to your game. This mod is used when people add new mobs to the game and they don’t want the mobs to have sounds like a zombie.

#9 — X-Ray Mod

Xray Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0

The X-ray mod is used to see through surfaces to see ores such as diamonds. This mod is commonly used on survival servers to cheat and get the ores.

#8 — REI Mini Map

Rei Minimap Mod

This mod adds a Mini map to your game, you can set way points and see structures you have build on your map. This is very popular as it works on servers and stops you getting lost!

#7 — SDK Gun Mod

This mod adds guns to your game. It’s a popular mod as its not just a retextured bow, you get a variety of guns to kill your enemies with and it fits in your game nicely.

#6 — Plane’s Mod

Planes Mod

Having Planes in your game is great you can see the landscapes from the skies. This mod is great fun just to fly about. You get a variety of planes you can craft and fly.

#5 — AdventureCraft

This mod makes adventure and custom maps more fun. This mod gives you the ability too have a lot of features in your map including Non player characters and maps to read rather than having signs everywhere.

#4 — Zombe Mod pack

Zombe Fly Mod for Multiplayer


One of the main features this mod has been downloaded is the fact that it has the fly feature. You can download this mod and fly although it does have other features the main one is Fly.

#3 — Single Player Commands

Single Player Commands 1.8

This mod gives you a lot of abilities in Minecraft. You can do so many things with this mod by just typing commands such as spawning pigs, killing mobs flying and so much more.

#2 — Mod Loader

Mod loader is a very popular mod as it helps load other mods. Many of the mods you use and play with would not work or would be a lot more complicated to install without this mod.

#1 — Too Many Items

Too Many Items Mod 1.0

Too many items adds every item in the game in one menu. You can scroll threw the multiple pages of this mod and get any item. This mod works with other mods and if a mod adds an item it will be in too many items.

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