WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.4.7

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WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin

WorldEdit is a tool in which you can use a wand to modify the terrain and create big structures with ease. The plugin allows you to, on a bukkit server, use a wand and commands to cut, copy, stack and perform many, many commands for the selection that you selected.

When you have installed the plugin into your plugins directory, all players with the right permissions (or is OP), get to use the wand for worldedit. By default, it is the wooden axe. You will need to select 2 points. Point A, and Point B. This will create a cuboid, like below. However you will not see the red lines as the image is taken from worldedit with the WorldEdit CUI Mod that is a client side mod that works with the bukkit plugin to show you your selection.

WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin

Basic command usage

//set <block> – e.g. ‘//set air’ can be used to set the cuboid you have selected with air. You can also use the block’s ID to set it aswell. e.g. ‘//set 0’

//replace <block> <block> – used to replace one type of block with another type of block. If i used the image above as an example and typed ‘//replace sand stone’, all the sand would turn to stone.

//undo – undoes the last action you performed with worldedit, can be used multiple times or like this ‘//undo 3’

//set <block1>,<block2>,<block3>,<block4> – used to create a random pattern with said blocks. e.g. If i wanted sand, stone and gravel, i’d type: //set sand,stone,gravel

WorldEdit Pro’s and Con’s


  • Easy world modification
  • easy to use


  • Causes server lag/crash depending on how big of an area you work with

How to Install WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. Download WorldEdit from the link below
  2. Extract all the files in the zip file into your bukkit server’s plugins folder.
  3. reload or restart your server.
  4. To get started, type the command ‘//wand’, as an OP in-game to obtain the main tool in this plugin.
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